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Seton Hall takes beleaguered lineup into Connecticut matinée

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"Fuquan is out right now. Depending on how he reacts to treatment today and we’ll see how it goes tomorrow." - Kevin Willard on Fuquan Edwin's ankle

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The local beat reporters were able to hear from Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard this afternoon during the Big East teleconference and what they heard isn't good. While Aaron Cosby is back on campus and set to play against the Connecticut Huskies on Sunday, Fuquan Edwin and Brian Oliver are in doubt with ankle injuries.

According to Kevin Willard, Fuquan Edwin is very doubtful for Sunday after failing to recover from the ankle injury he sustained in the second half of the Pittsburgh game. Edwin is "out" for Connecticut as of right now unless he responds well to treatment that he receives tomorrow.

Willard also stated that Brian Oliver will not practice for the rest of the season and will undergo surgery after the season for damaged ligaments in his sprained ankle. This confirms previous reports which stated only that Oliver may require post-season surgery on his ankle.

What this means for Seton Hall: With Edwin and Oliver far from 100%, this will put a lot more pressure on Haralds Karlis, Kyle Smyth and the returned Aaron Cosby to score more while playing the 2 and 3 positions. It will be tough to replace Edwin's role of No. 1 scoring threat on the team unless someone (Cosby, Mobley?) picks up the scoring load. Fuquan takes 31.5% of Seton Hall's shots when on the court, good enough for 47th most in the country and 2nd in the Big East behind Russ Smith (35%).