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Selection Sunday Open Thread

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Does any team have more to play for than Saint Louis?
Does any team have more to play for than Saint Louis?
Michael Hickey

There are only four games left in the college basketball regular season. We are less than 8 hours away from the Selection Show. Here is what you should be watching as you celebrate your Irish heritage or the Irish blood of a distant acquaintance (we'll accept both):

1 P.M., ESPN -- ACC Championship: Miami vs. North Carolina

Miami looks to continue their stellar play against any team not named Duke with a win over the Tar Heels in the ACC final.

1 P.M., ABC -- SEC Championship: Ole Miss vs. Florida

This is not the juiciest game on paper, but it has the most post-season implications. Ole Miss currently sits on the bubble and can 100% lock up a bid with an upset of the Gators.

1 P.M., CBS -- A-10 Championship: Saint Louis vs. Virginia Commonwealth

Two great teams that can both go deep in the NCAA Tournament. How can a neutral not root for for the Fighting Rick Majeruses?

3:30 P.M., CBS -- Big 10 Championship: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

Death. Taxes. Bo Ryan doing the unexpected. We can almost taste the Selection Show at this point.

Bubble Talk:

  • The only bubble team playing today is Ole Miss. They sit squarely on the bubble with a loss and would earn an auto-bid with a win. Talk about motivation.

  • Kentucky simply isn't tournament worthy. La Salle, UMass, Ole Miss and Tennessee all have better resumes. Alabama is about equal with the Cats. I would be surprised if they made it.

  • Middle Tennessee should not make the Dance. Period. They are 1-3 against the Top 50 (Ole Miss is sitting at 50) with 2 bad losses. Their RPI is good, but that index is woefully inaccurate at representing team strength. In comparison, Maryland, who are around the fourth team out, are 3-5 against the Top 50. Sorry, Blue Raiders.

  • The St. Mary's Gaels should be sweating it out today. With a record of just 1-3 against the Top 50 (they are 5-1 against Top 51-100) I would not be surprised if the Gaels missed as one of those sucker-punching snubs that no one foresaw. Their resume is only a hair better than Middle Tennessee's.

  • As a reminder, South Orange Juice has set up our first NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. Sign up here (it's free!)