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Coach Dan McHale: Thank You to Seton Hall Community

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Coach Dan McHale was gracious enough to send SOJ the following thank you letter from his new digs in Minnesota. Please leave your well wishes in the comment section.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

The 3 years I spent at SHU were the best of my coaching career. Getting a chance to coach at the school that I grew up loving was a special experience.

I am eternally grateful to Coach Willard for all he has ever done for me and I am going to miss working for him dearly, he is a great Coach and an even better person!

I am going to miss working along side Shaheen, my partner in crime...there is not a better person in the coaching profession, and he will be a tremendous Head Coach very soon.

It is an exciting time to be a Pirates fan, as next years team will be fun to watch, and a strong nucleus has been built with a great coaching staff leading the way...

And finally, to the best college basketball fans in the tri-state area, I will miss the passion that you have for the Pirates. Thanks again for 3 great years.

Dan McHale