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2013 Bracket Challenge Winner


We'd like to give a shout out to "gaze from down under #wet", who won this season's bracket pool with 123 points. "SHU 08" and "Aquille Carr's grades" came in second and third, respectively.

  • "Darius lane 3pt shot", who came in 26th, was the only contestant to have Michigan win the whole thing. Close.
  • Over half of the brackets (23) had Louisville as their Champion.
  • Top 3 bracket names, in no order: Herb Pope's nutshot, Several emoji moneybags, Stix and the Crimestoppers,
Everyone at SouthOrangeJuice would also like to thank you guys for reading, commenting, interacting with us on Twitter, and telling your friends about the site all season long. We urge you to stay active on the site as we shift gears to recruiting over the summer. The spring signing period is just over a week away, here is a comprehensive primer of what to expect, recruiting wise. We are also looking to expand our coverage into interviews with prospective recruits. Our interview with Bobby Hunter is a preview of what is to come.

If that recruiting pitch wasn't enough to get you to sign with SOJ for the summer months, we'll see you next season!