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Seton Hall blocks Kevin Johnson transfer

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Blocked! Seton Hall blocks Kevin Johnson's transfer.
Blocked! Seton Hall blocks Kevin Johnson's transfer.

According to Adam Zagoria, Seton Hall has blocked backup center Kevin Johnson's transfer to Cal State-Northridge. Former Seton Hall assistant Chris Pompey is now an associate head coach on Reggie Theus' staff at Northridge. He is obviously trying to sway Johnson into returning to California.

News broke yesterday that Kevin Johnson is finally set on transferring from Seton Hall. He had been strongly linked to leaving the program on several occasions since he arrived two years ago. reported that Kevin could end up at San Diego State, but that was quickly shot down by sources close to the Aztec program. Johnson chose Seton Hall over San Diego State out of high school.

The decision came on the day that Seton Hall players were returning for summer classes and workouts. Kevin Johnson ultimately didn't want to return to South Orange.

Today, it looks like Kevin Willard is trying to stop all of this from happening. Seton Hall has put a lot of effort into bringing Kevin Johnson along on and off the court since his days at Taft High School (California.) With good reason, they feel they know whats best for Kevin at this point. The 6-foot-9 center has made it known publicly that he isn't exactly happy with living in South Orange.

If Johnson is really set on transferring, his next step would be to appeal the blocking of his transfer to a committee at Seton Hall outside of the athletic department. Since Johnson would not be transferring to a Seton Hall opponent, it would seem likely that Kevin would win an appeal. The question is: does he want to go through an appeal process?