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Thursday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News & Links June 20th, 2013

He went to Seton Hall! Kind of.
He went to Seton Hall! Kind of.
Jeff Zelevansky

Almost Friday, Juicers! Today we have brief recruiting and scheduling updates, Rutgers football (they exist?), and Tony Soprano.

Seton Hall has offered 2015 Markis McDuffie

McDuffie has yet to see major time at the St. Anthony (N.J.) varsity level but has already received his first high-major offer. Markis received his first offer of any kind from Buffalo last weekend and has since received an offer from Seton Hall. La Salle, Cincinnati, Saint Joseph's and Oregon State have also shown interest in the 6-foot-6 wing.

Markis told City Of Basketball Love that "It feels great," after getting his first offer from Buffalo last weekend. "Looking forward to more, just gotta keep working hard and stay consistent." Well, he didn't have to wait long at all.

Eastern men will play Seton Hall, UConn - Spokesman-Review

Eastern Washington's trip to Seton Hall is confirmed for December 21st. With that date falling on the Saturday before Christmas, the powers-that-be would be smart to schedule this game at Walsh Gymnasium and not Prudential Center.

James Gandolfini, dead at 51, made Tony Soprano an icon - LA Times

Despite being a huge television show fan, I have not seen a minute of The Sopranos. Gandolfini's character, Tony Soprano, is of Seton Hall fame due to briefly attending the University, for a semester.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood: Two SEC schools ducked us in future scheduling -

Ha. Look at Rutgers football thinking they are something other than... Rutgers football. Proud champions of the Bowl, Pinstripe Bowl... Okay, I'll stop.... St. Petersburg Bowl....