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Monday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News & Notes June 24th, 2013

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Mondays probably shouldn't exist, am I right Juicers? After a picture perfect Saturday and warm Sunday in Jersey, Monday is surely going to be a drag. There wasn't much as far as news goes this weekend. I'll try my best here.

The news:

2013 point guard Travis Berry to walk-on at Seton Hall

If you missed the piece we published on Saturday, click above. Seton Hall has picked up a pretty talented walk-on in the form of Kent School's (Conn.) Travis Berry. There is also a lot of great discussion taking place in the comments section of the above article.

Rise in transfers creates a college basketball ‘poaching’ season - Kansas City Star

Another faint link to Seton Hall here. The column starts by mentioning the head coach of Southern Illinois, Barry Hinson, and his experience with poaching. I'm not inferring that Seton Hall is guilty of poaching, but Gene Teague played at SIU of course, though before Hinson took over last season.

What do you guys think? Is the 5th-year grad rule a loophole that is being exploited? Are people making a big deal out of nothing? What about college basketball transfers in general?

UCF’s new court design is interesting to say the least - NBC Sports

UCF's new court design features a mostly black surface. Hopefully they won't be playing with black jerseys at home.

Brazil Tops Italy in Thriller (VIDEO)

Neymar is good at football. He can also dance. Sort of.