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Seton Hall releases full 2013-14 TV schedule

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There had been a few hints that Seton Hall would have some of their non-conference games shown on FOX Sports and CBS-Sports Network, but I didn't expect this. (Click to enlarge.)


Pirates Sports Network - 1 (Caldwell, exhibition)

FOX Sports 1 - 15 games
CBS-Sports Network - 6 games
FOX Sports 2 - 3 games
FOX Sports Network - 3 games
truTV (Coaches vs. Cancer Classic) -  2 games
ESPNU - 1 game (Rutgers)
No TV - 1 (Mercer)

Talk about exposure. Every single game not against Mercer will be on TV in some form. That is absolutely incredible progress by Seton Hall, the Big East, FOX Sports, and CBS-Sports Network to expand coverage that rivals that of the Big Ten Network for non-conference games. As someone who has followed Penn State basketball during their transition to the Big Ten Network, this completely changes - for the good - how the non-conference games are followed.

Here is a download link to the schedule in PDF form.