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Seton Hall offers pair of 2015 forwards

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Kevin Willard would be smart to use Brandon Mobley as a recruiting tool.
Kevin Willard would be smart to use Brandon Mobley as a recruiting tool.

Despite having filled just two of their four open scholarships for the Class of 2014, the Seton Hall coaching staff is actively looking to recruit forwards in the Class of 2015. The staff offered 2015 forwards Jessie Govan (St. Mary's, N.Y.) and Noah Dickerson (North Atlanta, Ga.) today.

6-foot-10 Jessie Govan is a Top-50 center in the Class of 2015 from St. Mary's High School in Manhasset, New York. Govan is both similar in ranking and geographic location to new Seton Hall commit Angel Delgado, and has offers from high majors such as Connecticut, Arizona, Virginia, and more. Govan plays for the New York Lightning on the AAU circuit, which is the same team as Delgado and 2015 target Desure Buie.

Noah Dickerson is rated just as high as Jessie Govan, if not higher. He has received a long list of high major offers that includes Georgetown, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, and Alabama. Based on Noah's tweet which revealed that he has an offer from Seton Hall, he is originally from the Maplewood, N.J. area, despite currently attending high school in Georgia. While Savannah isn't right next to Atlanta, it would be a no-brainer if Kevin Willard used Brandon Mobley as a recruiting tool with Dickerson. It appears that the Hoyas lead for the 6-foot-8 forward.

The two offers come a day after news broke that 2014 standout guard Isaiah Whitehead (Lincoln, N.Y.) will visit Seton Hall this Saturday.