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Offensive analysis: A look at every second half Seton Hall possession against Butler

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Fuquan Edwin scored a crucial 15 points in the first half for Seton Hall, but added just 5 after the break.
Fuquan Edwin scored a crucial 15 points in the first half for Seton Hall, but added just 5 after the break.
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This will be similar to what I did for Seton Hall - Fairleigh Dickinson, but with no pictures. The times to the left are rough (within 5~ seconds) timestamps of when Seton Hall began their offensive possession. The paragraph of analysis pertains to the possessions that read directly before it.

In my opinion, not all of the fault should be pinned on the last 5:55 of play. Though that span has the replay value of nails on a chalkboard, Seton Hall's early second half production is arguably masked by the team getting bailed out, and should be at fault too.

34-33 Butler

#1 - 19:50, Gibbs turnover. Dribble off shoe in lane early in shot clock
#2 -19:30, Light motion ran to isolate Teague, Gibbs can't get it to him, Auda called for charge instead after Gibbs pass
#3 -18:50, Ball immediately down to Teague, nice move, misses close shot
#4 - 18:30, Individual Edwin effort, tough shot missed
#5 - 18:00, Gibbs drives in transition, misses runner off glass
#6 - 17:30, Teague gets good position on block, fouled and makes basket
#7 - 17:00, Screens set for Edwin running off ball, gets it on wing, drives and takes tough fade away at FT line
#8 - 16:40, Teague rebounds Edwin's miss, loses ball to Butler
#9 - 16:20, Edwin pushes in transition, kicks to Sina, passes to Oliver who hits three

Until the under-16 timeout in the second half, 5 of 8 Seton Hall offensive possessions resulted in a wasted possession (turnover, no offense ran then shot chucked, etc.) or a "selfish" possession (little passing or motion ran, player puts their head down and drives, etc.). The unaccounted for possession was Gene Teague losing an offensive rebound.

Weak offensive call on Khyle Marshall, 40-39 Butler at under-16

#10 - 15:45, Good motion ran, Mobley gets open look from straight away after down-screen, misses badly
#11 - 15:30, Teague gets rebound off Mobley miss, not much ran, Edwin bails out with long three-pointer (first lead since 13-12, 42-40 SHU)
#12 - 15:00, Sina skip pass to Oliver in transition, who pushes to Teague down low in immediately, scores
#13 - 14:15, Little off ball movement, Edwin takes straight away three that misses
#14 - 13:15, Broken play (Mobley slipped in paint with ball) results in kick out, Edwin makes lucky acrobat shot late in shot clock on drive (46-40)
#15 - 12:20, Mobley drives from arc, is fouled
#16 - 12:15, Geramipoor catches inbound pass, fouled
#17 - 12:12, Good ball movement off screens, Oliver just misses decent shot from corner
#18 - 11:45, Sina misses quick three in transition from corner
#19 - 11:00, Gibbs loses ball in lane late in possession, Khyle Marshall dunks on Oliver in transition

From the under-16 to the under-12, 4 of 7 Seton Hall possessions can be classified as selfish or wasted. The main difference is that Fuquan Edwin bailed Seton Hall out on possessions #11 and #14. Not included in the previous stat is possession #18, which is a quick, selfish shot, but not necessarily a "bad shot", since Sina was open. However, the hasty three attempt came before a missed Oliver three, and right before Sterling Gibbs' turnover which led to a transition basket. Not a favorable three-possession sequence.

Seton Hall leads 46-44 at 10:36

#20 - 10:30, Team fails to get Teague the ball in paint, Edwin forced to take tough runner in lane that misses. Teague bails team out by drawing a foul during rebound attempt
#21 - 10:00, Edwin inbound pass deflected, stolen, Elijah Brown dunks in transition
#22 - 9:45, Takes two sets to get Teague ball, makes tough shot in paint
#23 - 9:00, Edwin tries to get loose off ball, team resets by spreading the floor. Gibbs passes to Edwin, who misses from corner
#24 - 8:15, Sina misses wide open three in transition from Gibbs

After the under-12 timeout is when Seton Hall really starts to fall apart. Four of the five possessions can be classified as wasteful or selfish, with another open Sina three in transition being the fifth, debatable possession. The killer is Gene Teague drawing a foul (and with it, a new possession) on #20, but Fuquan Edwin's inbound pass gets deflected, then dunked in transition. This stretch of play spurs a 10-2 Butler run into the under-8 media timeout.

Khyle Marshall makes basket and is fouled, 50-48 Butler 7:38, 10-2 Butler run

#25 - 7:30, Seton Hall gets nothing going, Mobley takes shot from SHU bench, misses (team in 0-6 stretch from 3pt)
#26 - 6:50, Gibbs drives and feeds an open Teague under basket
#27 - 6:20, Gibbs penetration, over shoots tough shot, Mobley gets weakside board and scores
#28 - 5:40, Edwin gets steal at half court, misses layin
#29 - 5:30, Butler fouls Edwin on FT miss, Edwin misses front-end
#30 - 5:15, Edwin steals again, misses lay up
#31 - 5:00, Good ball movement, Gibbs hits open shot from near bench, 55-51, Dunham responds with tough outside shot, 55-54
#32 - 4:10, out of TO, motion creates nothing, offense looks confused and ball is deflected out of bounds into the under-4 timeout with 1 on the shot clock

The stoppage of play failed to yield more positive offensive results for Seton Hall. 6 of 8 possessions (#27 was an individual play by Gibbs, Mobley bailed team out on weakside) are once again wasted, including four of five leading into the under-4 media timeout, one of which, #32, came out of a huddle. Seton Hall still leads 55-54, somehow.

55-54 Seton Hall; last media timeout

#33 - 3:36, Lob pass (only option), is deflected, fails
#34 - 3:10, Butler covers motion well, good ball movement to find Oliver in corner near bench, misses

Dunham hits long three-ball, 57-55 Butler

#35 - 2:30, Edwin bounce pass to post is intercepted
#36 - 1:35, After playing good defense, Gibbs pushes in transition and scores, 57-57

Marshall scores tough basket, 59-57 Butler

#37 - 1:06, Not much offense ran, minimal motion, Gibbs drives on 6'9 Kameron Woods and takes really tough shot that misses

Kameron Woods hits both free throws after intentional foul, 61-57 Butler. Timeout Seton Hall.

#38 - :45, out of timeout, Gibbs drives early in possession (in attempt to get a quick two), Woods defends well again, as planned by Butler (no switch on the ball)

Butler hits their free throws, 63-57 Butler. Timeout Seton Hall.

#39 - :30, Gibbs drives after all four Pirates are standing on perimeter, Andrew Chrabascz defends shot attempt well

#40 & #41 - :10, Edwin then Gibbs miss threes on Seton Hall's last two possessions

Not counting #33, which was an extension of possession #32, 2 of 4 critical possessions turned out fruitless for Seton Hall after the under-4 timeout. #34, another missed, unforced three-ball and #35, a careless turnover were cancelled out by a smart push by Gibbs in transition. In response to a huge Khyle Marshall basket, possession #37 turns out to be the back-breaker. It can be argued that Gibbs was selfish, but the Seton Hall offense was also not moving off the ball, forcing a Gibbs solo effort. Possessions #38 and #39 were also Gibbs going by himself, but Seton Hall had no choice, tactically.

"You gotta give Butler a lot of credit, they made a lot of tough shots down the stretch," Kevin Willard told Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin on 570 AM post-game. "But I thought the way we started the second half, just too much 1-on-1. There's times when they really look good, the ball pops around and it moves and they're willing to trust each other, but theres other times when it just gets stationary. I thought we had an opportunity, I don't know, with 6 or 7 minutes left, we had 3 or 4 wide open shots that could have pushed the lead up. Then Dunham hit a tough shot curling off a screen..."

In the above log, you'll note that Teague was given the ball several times early in possessions to avoid Butler double teams. "We talked about that yesterday, the day before, and throughout the game, about getting him [Teague] the ball early in transition, without calling plays for him, without everyone knowing where its going," stated Willard. "We were a little too passive at times offensively, just a little bit too passive, and it hurt us, it really did hurt us. Again, we had our opportunities, but we don't seem to take advantage of them."

Since his emergence this Big East season, Seton Hall sharp shooter Brian Oliver's production has decreased over the last four games. Oliver scored seven points for the third game out of the last four against Butler and is 3-13 from three over his last two games. "Teams are obviously not going to let him [Oliver] get open shots. It's a combination of guys knowing where he is. I thought we were really passive on our pick and rolls tonight, which hurt us. We didn't really try to create offense off of them, we just kind of ran them and started throwing it back. We seem to play a little bit more aggressive offensively on the road, for some reason, and we seem to play a little passive at times at home. I thought Fuquan did a good job of coming out and being aggressive, but he had to guard Dunham, so he got a little tired chasing him around screens. [Willard lists missed opportunities/shots]"

When asked by Gary Cohen about Fuquan Edwin's rough stretch of play in the second half: "Yeah I mean he had that rough three possession stretch, where we got a good steal and missed the layup then he got another good steal and missed another layup, then he missed the front-end of the 1-and-1. You know thats 6 points, when you're struggling to score and when you're struggling to make shots, you gotta take advantage of those opportunities. But you know it's tough to tell a guy that gets six steals to slow it down on the break when hes got a 1-on-2 opportunity. He's a guy that usually finishes those, but he missed those tonight."