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What the media is tweeting from Seton Hall's first few practices

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Sterling is excited for the 2014-15 season, are you?
Sterling is excited for the 2014-15 season, are you?
Maddie Meyer

A handful of media members were at Seton Hall's first few practices -- Jerry Carino on Friday, Adam Zagoria and Jon Rothstein today -- here are their thoughts collected from Twitter:

Looks like some changes are afoot as Kevin Willard now has several capable guards to work with as opposed to just Jaren Sina and Sterling Gibbs last campaign:

Not a surprise here, as Seton Hall will rely heavily on its backcourt with only Brandon Mobley a realistic inside threat to score at this point:

Pretty much the unanimous starting five at this point:

Not sure I agree on Manga, but Rashed Anthony and Ish Sanogo will certainly be required to help out Brandon Mobley, Angel Delgado, and Chier Ajou when he becomes eligible in December. I can see Stephane being worked into the four in very small lineups, but that's a stretch.

On a post-season that includes the NCAA tournament:

I wouldn't expect anything less from a senior forward who has played big minutes for his entire career:

I had been hearing that a player would be ineligible for at least a week now, and freshman forward Mike Nzei is the one. My guess was that Mike Nzei would be a candidate for a redshirt year regardless, now that might happen out of necessity. It had been previously reported that Seton Hall's freshman class had been ruled eligible. Working to receive further clarification on this.

And last but not least, John Fanta from the Pirate Sports Network: