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Seton Hall ranked 85th in preseason KenPom, 8th in Big East

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The moment some of us have been waiting for: has released its preseason rankings. For those unfortunate enough to be operating  without a subscription, here are a few highlights from Seton Hall, the Big East, and the country as a whole.

  • Seton Hall has been pegged at 85th in the country, up over a dozen spots from their 98th-overall ranking to close out last season. While most fans will think this is too low, based off the talent Seton Hall has lost and KenPom's compensation for new players, I think this preseason ranking sounds just about right.
  • KenPom has Seton Hall winning a crucial first round Paradise Jam contest against Nevada, 74-67. The Pirates are predicted to lose by 12 points to No. 10 Wichita State in their daunting road trip in early December. Overall (this doesn't include the rest of the Paradise Jam), Seton Hall is predicted to finish 14-14 (8-10), which is right around the same mark from last season.
  • Just three non-conference opponents are ranked below 200: Saint Peter's (216), Mount St. Mary's (235), and Maine (342), though I think Mercer might slip sub-200 as the season progresses.
  • Five Big East schools have made the top 50: Villanova (9), Georgetown (22), St. John's (39), and Creighton (47). The conference as a whole is sitting in 5th, a fraction below the SEC, which it narrowly finished ahead of last season. Creighton's spot in the top 50 and fourth in the conference is a shocker, while Xavier, who I previewed on Saturday, at 66th is probably a bit low.
  • In a surprise move, Duke is ranked first in the country over Kentucky while usual KenPom-favorite Wisconsin is sitting at sixth. Tennessee vs. VCU (CBSSN), Louisville vs. Minnesota (ESPN) and Georgia at Georgia Tech are ranked as the top-three most entertaining games to watch on opening night, November 14th.

Big East rankings:

1 - Villanova (9)
2 - Georgetown (22)
3- St. John's (39)
4- Creighton (47)
5- Providence (53)
6- Xavier (66)
7- Butler (67)
8- Seton Hall (85)
9-Marquette (86)
10- DePaul (197)