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Seton Hall - Rutgers rivalry adds name, trophy

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Now in the second year of an eight-year series that alternates sites, Seton Hall and Rutgers have teamed up to name their rivalry and add a trophy to the mix.

Dubbed the Garden State Hardwood Classic, the rivalry won't be altered in any notable way, but this adds a more official feel to the annual clash between the two schools. The trophy, which is apparently quite impressive, is made out of "recycled Asbury Park boardwalk planks" that were collected after Hurricane Sandy. The logo, seen above, was designed by Seton Hall women's soccer player Peggy Nicolle.

Quotes Eddie Jordan, Kevin Willard, Pat Lyons, and Julie Hermann:

Willard: "We knew that it would be important to the New Jersey college basketball community to keep this rivalry going even though the programs are no longer in the same conference. We believe the added branding and renewed focus will bring even more excitement to this annual event."

Jordan: "This is tremendous for New Jersey basketball. Having competed in the rivalry myself, I have an appreciation for the passion that exists, not only from the schools, but from the region as well. This is a game that everyone looks forward to. To shine a brighter light on it with additional branding and an annual trophy is very exciting."

Lyons: "College basketball in New Jersey goes back well over a century. As part of the sports fabric of the state, the Seton Hall / Rutgers rivalry has entertained generations of New Jersey citizens. It's only fitting that this yearly contest is celebrated on a scale appropriate of its importance."

Hermann: "Rutgers and Seton Hall collaborating to create unique elements to further this storied rivalry is really something special. The trophy that will be awarded annually captures the essence of the state and showcases our New Jersey pride."

The trophy is apparently pretty neat, as is the logo, but some people aren't that impressed with the naming of the rivalry, which has been up for semi-serious debate for quite a few years now. What do you think of the name?