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Chier Ajou to become eligible for Seton Hall on trip to South Florida

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Ajou only played 32 minutes at Northwestern due to injuries.
Ajou only played 32 minutes at Northwestern due to injuries.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It's been established for awhile now that 7-foot-1 Northwestern transfer Chier Ajou will become eligible for Seton Hall during the second semester this season. With the knowledge that Ajou will first be able to suit up when Seton Hall travels to South Florida on Thursday, it'll be interesting to see how he is used by Kevin Willard.

There was hardly any speculative talk about Ajou during the Big East and Seton Hall Media Days, though he was available to be watched in an open practice in Seton Hall's auxiliary gym. During drills, Chier was capable running the floor for a 7-footer but he looked uncomfortable with the ball in his hands on offense. I'd assume he'll be behind Rashed Anthony, who plays a defense and rebounding role off the bench to spell Angel Delgado and Brandon Mobley. We should get a good look at Ajou's ability in the second half when Maine visits Walsh Gym on December 27th, I wouldn't expect too many minutes before then.

Any sort of production that Ajou provides will help Seton Hall, especially in the Big East where Delgado and Mobley may pick up fouls at a higher rate. What are you expecting from the big man?