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Should Seton Hall raise the curtains at Prudential Center for the Villanova game?

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The University won't lift the curtains on January 3rd, but the early sell out begs the question of the first time it happened and the next time it might.

This was the scene the last time Seton Hall raised the curtains (Feb 2013, Syracuse)
This was the scene the last time Seton Hall raised the curtains (Feb 2013, Syracuse)
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

If only Seton Hall hosted St. John's and Villanova at the end of their Big East schedule this year instead of the beginning.

With the news that Prudential Center will be packed on January 3rd for the Villanova game, officially deemed a sell out this morning, I started wondering what it will take for Seton Hall to temporarily do away with the curtains that mask the upper level at the Rock.

When the lower bowl sold out over a month in advance, portions of the upper bowl were opened and a record crowd of 13,569 took in No. 6 Syracuse and Seton Hall for the last time as Big East members in February of 2013. This is the first and only time demand has warranted removal of the curtains, though Seton Hall has registered several sell outs since moving from the Meadowlands to Newark in 2007.

Although Seton Hall and Villanova won't meet for about a week and a half, the time period was deemed inadequate to sell tickets that would meet the costs that are taken on by the arena and subsequently Seton Hall for opening the upper concourse. With that the case, it looks unlikely that the curtains will receive a rest until next season unless one of the late-season weekend games (Xavier, 1/31; Marquette, 2/7; Creighton, 2/28) attracts a ton of interest via Seton Hall being ranked or in the NCAA picture.

If anyone was at that Syracuse game, how was the atmosphere? Do you think Seton Hall should have taken a shot at raising the curtains for Villanova by putting $10-15 general admission tickets on sale and pushing them hard over the next 10 days? When's the next time you see the curtain being lifted?