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Kevin Willard's statement on Brian Oliver and Eugene Teague

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Drew Hallowell

Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard decided to indefinitely suspend seniors Brian Oliver and Gene Teague prior to tonight's St. John's game. Both players were left on Seton Hall's campus instead of sitting on the bench to support the team. Here is his statement on AM 970 during his pre-game 'Willard Report' with Gary Cohen.

"I'm holding my seniors to a very high standard right now. At this point in their career, they are both 5th-year seniors, they have to take advantage of the opportunity that they are given. They are getting playing time, they are getting a chance to get plenty of opportunities, and they have a responsibility to show up to work with a great attitude and ready to work. If they don't, then I'm just not going to sit there and pretend that they're not and we're not going to have them part of this program. Brian and Eugene the other day came to practice with not great attitudes, and we're just not going to sit here at this point in the season and let that go on. You either have to take advantage or your opportunity and come to work with a great attitude, or you're not going to be a part of the program."

On if this is a move toward instilling a culture for the program going forward:

"At this point, we're not going to win unless we have a great attitude, we're not going to win unless we all play together. We have done that at times this year and we have played very well. When we don't do that, we're a very average-to-below-average team. There's no one on this team that's great enough to not play with a great attitude. Moving forward, we're just not going to sit there and try to play guys just because you're a senior, or you're a freshman, or whatever you are. You have to come with a great attitude, be ready to play, to help this team win games. if they don't do that, we're not going to play make believe anymore."