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SOJ Pick'em Pool; Win the bracket, win a shirt!

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Winner of the pool to receive official SOJ shirt of choice.

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Do you like following the NCAA tournament? Do you like to win free stuff? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place.

Unfortunately, we don't have a billion dollars to give away and our Seton Hall Pirates did not make the NCAA tournament, but why should the fun stop now? Win the South Orange Juice official pick 'em pool and you'll receive a choice of either shirt currently for sale in the SOJ store.


Of course, all contests and giveaways come with a set of rules. Luckily, these rules are fairly simple to follow.

1. Sign up (with only one entry) at our official Pick'em pool. The password is: whitehead

2. You are only eligible to win a t-shirt for one participating pick 'em pool of your choice across the SBN network. This means if you plan on entering bracket pools here, On the Banks and Rumble in the Garden, it is up to YOU to decide which pool you want to be eligible for the free shirt. Since you're still reading this, it's quite obvious you'll want to make yourself eligible for a t-shirt here at SOJ. Proceed.

3. You must follow this link and sign up with College GameDay. Select South Orange Juice from the blog affiliation and enter the entry name that you're using in the SOJ Yahoo pick 'em pool.

Good luck to everyone. Should you have any questions, let them fly in the comments section.