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NCAA Tournament 2014: Second Round Open Thread Day One

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Today marks the first of the two most exciting American sports days for many viewers. March Madness began Tuesday night officially (or perhaps Sterling Gibbs kicked off the Madness season), but many college basketball fans don't really engage until the four-channel-flipping hectic nature of the first two days of NCAA tournament action.

All games can be seen on truTV, TBS, CBS, and TNT. TruTV is 183 (683 HD) on FiOS, 171 on Xfinity/Comcast, and 246 on DirecTV.

Xavier was dispatched by Tennessee in overtime last night after the Vols led for most of the game and outscored the Muskies 14-1 in overtime. Creighton (Louisiana-Lafayette) and Providence (North Carolina) are both in action tomorrow while Villanova (Milwaukee, 9:25 TBS) is favored by 16.5 points in their 2-15 seed matchup.

Low-scoring Cincinnati and Harvard (2:10, TNT) is a threat to become a typical 5-12 seed upset at the same time that Pittsburgh and Colorado clash in an unusually one-sided (Pittsburgh favored 6.5) 8-9 seed game, which airs on TBS at 1:40.

At night, Saint Joseph's takes on former Big East team Connecticut (6:55, TBS) in an interesting 7-10 seed game in the East Region, and is my pick for game to watch prior to Manhattan and Louisville go head-to-head (9:50, TNT) in a game that Louisville is heavily favored to win. I think the game will be very entertaining and a lot closer than Vegas has predicted. Sterling Gibbs' old team, Texas, is in action in a very even 7-10 matchup with Arizona State (9:40 CBS).