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Watch: Ismael Sanogo in Tournament of Champions final

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The first member of Seton Hall's top-15 2014 recruiting class, Ismael Sanogo, plays in the New Jersey Tournament of Champions final against Saint Joseph's (Metuchen) tonight at 8 p.m. at Sun National Bank in Trenton.

If you're not in the area and can't make it to the game, you can watch the final via a stream on from here.

Newark East Side is looking to end their season still ranked No. 1 and improve their record to 31-1. Ismael Sanogo is averaging 11.8 ppg, 9 rpg, and 2.4 bpg for East Side during his senior season -- Sanogo contributes to all areas of the stat sheet regularly. "Ish" sank a game winning free throw in the Red Raiders' 46-45 win over Roselle Catholic in the Tournament of Champions semifinal. Here is a report written by one of our readers on that game.

Saint Joes is led by Kentucky-bound center Karl Towns, Vanderbilt-bound guard Wade Baldwin, and uncommitted mid-major senior guard Marques Townes.

Sanogo has advanced the furthest of Seton Hall's five-man recruiting class which is not short on talent. Angel Delgado advanced the next furthest, bowing out to Roselle Catholic in the state tournament.