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Seton Hall drops Adidas for Under Armour

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I bet Baltimore native Aquille Carr wishes he were eligible to have played for Seton Hall.

Seton Hall announced this morning that their athletics program has partnered with the sports clothing behemoth from Baltimore, Under Armour, starting July 1st of this year. According to Seton Hall's release, under the multi-year agreement "Under Armour will design and supply the footwear, apparel and equipment for training and game-day uniforms for each of the university's men's and women's 14 varsity athletics teams starting in the 2014-15 season. The comprehensive agreement also includes marketing and promotional opportunities."

Statement from Seton Hall's AD Pat Lyons:

"We are thrilled to align Seton Hall Athletics with such a prominent brand and industry leader. We strive to provide premier resources for our athletic programs in order to compete at the highest level, and we believe this partnership demonstrates our commitment to achieving that goal.

"This collaboration will greatly benefit our student-athletes, affording them access to the highest quality apparel, footwear and equipment that is built with the latest technology to allow for a competitive advantage on the field of play. Under Armour is equally devoted in contributing to the success of our teams and student-athletes, which has been affirmed through their dedication to this partnership."

Under Armour's addition of Seton Hall is their fourteenth school that is fully sponsored. That list includes St. John's, South Carolina, Maryland, Auburn, and Notre Dame, among others. Most of the basketball uniforms for these schools are pretty solid, but then there are the debatable USF threads that have been deemed to resemble bathing suits. A look at all of the schools' Under Armour unis (includes schools not fully covered by UA):

Auburn... Boston College... Colorado State... Loyola... Maryland... Montana State... Navy (coming soon)... Notre Dame (coming soon)... Northwestern (and these?)... St. John's... South Carolina... South Dakota State... South Florida... Southern Illinois... Temple... Texas Tech... Towson... Utah

What do you think of the switch aesthetically and otherwise?