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Oliver Antigua to USF rumors heating up

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Oliver Antigua (left) may join his brother's staff at South Florida.
Oliver Antigua (left) may join his brother's staff at South Florida.
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As Kentucky assistant coach and future USF head coach Orlando Antigua takes questions this week in Arlington, Texas prior to the Final Four this weekend, rumors that his brother will join his staff at USF are heating up.

Oliver Antigua, Orlando's brother and Seton Hall assistant coach, is in Texas to take in the games from the stands as he roots for his brother and the Kentucky Wildcats. When asked by a reporter about joining his brother's staff at South Florida he told the USF Oracle "It's a possibility. We are discussing it. Nothing definite."

The same Oracle article states that Orlando will have $700,000/year as a budget for his four assistant coaches compared to the $500,000/year budget that former coach Stan Heath was handed.

The Houston Chronicle has also published a blurb that has Orlando saying "We'd love to have that opportunity if it works" regarding his brother joining the South Florida staff.

With Abraham Lincoln (N.Y.) head coach Dwayne "Tiny" Morton waiting in the wings to join Seton Hall's staff this summer, the departure of Oliver Antigua would be far from a shock for Seton Hall's program and its fans. The question on everybody's mind is whether or not his recruit, Angel Delgado, will desire to join him in Tampa for his first season of college basketball. A hypothetical move would first require that Delgado be released from his National Letter of Intent with Seton Hall.

Factors hindering a Delgado departure to South Florida include a program that is right now bereft of talent except for forwards Chris Perry and John Egbunu, both of whom made the AAC All-Rookie team this year. Delgado would be immediately behind two capable sophomores in the forward rotation as opposed to two seniors (Brandon Mobley, Patrik Auda) and two unproven players (Rashed Anthony, Chier Ajou) at Seton Hall. Angel is also close friends with other members of Seton Hall's 2014 recruiting class that has a chance to do something special in South Orange.

From the other perspective, South Florida is in a beautiful location, Tampa, and the pull of the Orlando brothers may be enough to convince Delgado and other talent to become USF Bulls. A native of the Dominican Republic, Delgado may also feel more at home in a location and at a school that boast around a 25-percent Hispanic population.

Orlando Antigua officially starts as head coach of South Florida on Tuesday, the day after the national championship game.