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Seton Hall's incoming class playing as 'Maine Attraction' at 2014 iS8 Spring Classic

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Jim McIsaac

Starting with their 4 p.m. game against the Newburgh Panthers today, Seton Hall's 2014 recruiting class will play as 'Maine Attraction' in the 2014 iS8 Spring Classic. The five-man class also teamed up as the Gauchos in the more casual CYP tournament last weekend.

The team's name is a dedication to Abraham Lincoln assistant coach Jermaine Brown, who passed away earlier this year. Desi Rodriguez and Isaiah Whitehead, who both hail from Lincoln, have been very vocal in honoring their late coach, including writing "RIP Maine" on their sneakers in the first game after Brown's passing.

In addition to their game today, Maine Attraction plays next Saturday (12:30, vs. Compete to Achieve), Saturday 4/19 (1:40, vs. NYC Jazz), and Saturday 4/26 (2:50, vs. Primetime) before the playoffs. A complete schedule can be read here, while a team list can be browsed here.

A Sports U team led by DeAndre Bembry (Saint Joseph's), Kasim Chandler (Quinnipiac), and Jared Nickens (Maryland-bound) beat the NY Panthers 81-71 in last year's iS8 final.

Isaiah Whitehead is fresh off of a six-point nine-minute performance at the 2014 McDonald's All-American game; Whitehead was dealing with a shin injury. The entire 2014 class will also be in action in two weeks at the 2014 Jordan Brand Classic games.