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Seton Hall third in Big East with 979 multi-year APR score

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After factoring in APR scores from the 2012-13 academic year, the latest available, Kevin Willard's Seton Hall program has the third-best multi-year Academic Progress Rate in the Big East. The NCAA released their data from the 2012-13 school year earlier today at 2:30 et. 

Seton Hall posted a multi-year score of 979 in 2012-13, their highest score ever and one which has been steadily improved upon since Willard's arrival in South Orange. Another indicator of Willard's academically-inclined teams is the 2011-12 squad which raised the bar by scoring a perfect 1,000. A look at Seton Hall's multi-year APR, which is a four-year rolling average, since the 2004-05 academic year:

2004/2005 930
2005/2006 921
2006/2007 924 Immediate Penalty - Scholarship Reduction = 1
2007/2008 918
2008/2009 936
2009/2010 935
2010/2011 963
2011/2012 979

Here's how Seton Hall's score stacks up against the rest of the conference:

Butler 985
Villanova 983
Seton Hall 979
Georgetown 973
Creighton 972
DePaul 960
Marquette 959
Xavier 958
Providence 947
St. John's 942

Supplemental readingnine programs have been ruled ineligible for post-season play due to the latest wave of APR scores, Jerry Carino has compared Rutgers' 978 multi-year to the rest of the AAC and Big Ten, and the NCAA's official release, which highlights the improvement of annual APR scores across the athletic landscape.