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Poll: Should Seton Hall look to schedule Princeton more often?

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Rutgers and Princeton will not play in 2014-15 for the second time since 1917.
Rutgers and Princeton will not play in 2014-15 for the second time since 1917.
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Princeton is currently looking to setup a 'home-and-home' series starting on the road with a regional or national school. I have always been an advocate of Seton Hall playing Princeton annually, but unfortunately they've only met nine times since the 1979-80 season with the Pirates holding an 8-1 edge including a sweep of a home-and-home series from 2006-2008.

Due to the infrequent meetings between the two New Jersey schools (Seton Hall has played Columbia, Monmouth, Fordham, and Saint Peter's more times than Princeton over the same span) over the past 35 seasons, I thought I would pose the question in the poll at the bottom of this article: Do you want Seton Hall to play Princeton more regularly? Oddly enough, the historic Princeton-Rutgers series is taking a timeout for just the second season since 1917 in 2014-15.

Princeton has posted KenPom numbers of 103, 75, 94, 88, 101 over the last five seasons, final RPI numbers of 113, 45, 85, 126, 118 over the same span, and four post-season appearances (one of which was the NCAA tournament) during those five seasons -- certainly not a cupcake opponent. This is an example of a reason voting for Princeton on Seton Hall's non-conference schedule, which hasn't faired so well of late.

The strength of Mitch Henderson's teams can also be a reason against Seton Hall scheduling them. A one-hour trip down to South Jersey bi-annually could prove to be a tedious schedule if Kevin Willard were to work out a standard alternating venue series for a set period of time. This is a potential reason for voting against Princeton being on the Hall's schedule and also leads into the final poll option I've provided of prefering Seton Hall to play Princeton, but with a twist. A potential example of this would be a 2-for-1 deal where Seton Hall only visits Princeton once out of every three meetings.

Feel free to give an explanation for your selection in the comment section.