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Eugene Teague signs contract with French club ALM Évreux

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Shortly after Patrik Auda was promoted to the Czech Republic's 'A' team and Fuquan Edwin set up a summer league stint with Oklahoma City after not being drafted, it was announced that Seton Hall center Gene Teague signed a contract with ALM Évreux of LNB Pro B, France's second tier league.

Teague joins recent acquisitions Glenn Cosey (Western Kentucky, 18.7 ppg, 4.2 apg) and Mathis Keita (former Gonzaga player, went D-2) as three American signings for ALM Évreux. Former collegiate players B.A. Walker (VCU 2003-07), Samme Givens (Drexel 2008-12), Olu Ashaolu (Louisiana Tech/Oregon 2008-12), and Moustapha Diarra (San Francisco 2009-11) are also listed on Évreux's team site roster. After a 25-19 6th placed finish in LNB Pro B last season, ALM Évreux and Gene Teague will start their season in September.

According to, the average Pro B salary for import players is between €1,700-8,500 per month or €4,000 on average. That's equal to $5,463/month, or $65,556 annually. I wonder what kind of French delicacies the Dancing Bear is looking forward to eating thanks to his new contract.