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Monday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News and Links for August 4, 2014

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College basketball news and links from this weekend.

Marquette guard Todd Mayo (11.3 ppg) has left the team to pursue professional opportunities.
Marquette guard Todd Mayo (11.3 ppg) has left the team to pursue professional opportunities.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday everyone! We're going to be rolling out the college basketball (Big East specific if possible) news and links Monday-Fridays again -- we tried this last summer. Feel free to discuss the links or anything college basketball or Seton Hall related in the comments section. We'll attempt to post these earlier in the morning from now on, think 8 a.m.

The news:

Big man Nwankwo considering Temple in final six | City of Basketball Love
City of Basketball Love spoke with Jonathan Nwankwo's guardian to break down each of his final six schools.

Details of Maryland commit Trayvon Reed’s arrest released, pending charges could carry 10 years
Crazy how breaking a minor law at a very inopportune time can make your life do a 180-degree turn. Mark Turgeon now has six scholarships to work with in 2015.

Boys Basketball: Allonzo Trier commits to Arizona, is St. John's now favorite for Isaiah Briscoe? -
Top-25 guard Allonzo Trier committed to Arizona this weekend, joining top-25 guard Justin Simon as part of their 2015 class. Most think St. John's is now in the driver's seat for Isaiah Briscoe, but his father gave yet another juicy quote to media in response.

The Impact Of Todd Mayo's Departure On Marquette Basketball - Anonymous Eagle
Marquette lost senior guard Todd Mayo (11.3 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 2 apg) to professional opportunities overseas late last week. What that means for the Golden Eagles.

Allen Iverson Kenner League Footage - Casual Hoya
You could have missed The Answer's entire collegiate and professional career but still think this vintage video is awesome. AI's open court move to end the clip is awesome.

SMU head coach Larry Brown says NCAA is ‘full of bologna’ | CollegeBasketballTalk
Speaking on conference realignment and what that has brought for the AAC, SMU, and others, Larry Brown has some fightin' words about the powers that be.