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Friday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News and Links for August 8, 2014

College basketball news and links from Thursday.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A major hurdle toward paying college athletes was overcome yesterday with the granting of a legislative stranglehold to the 'Big 5' football conferences. We have some takes on that, including quotes from Seton Hall's Director of Athletics, Pat Lyons, as well as other college basketball news below.

Seton Hall AD Pat Lyons: Big East will do what it takes to keep up with Power Five | New Jersey Hoops Haven

Lyons has come out and said that the Big East will try to match the five power conferences monetarily, at least in major sports like basketball.

"I'd be very surprised if we don't do what the best conferences, the Big Five, do. That's who we believe our competition is, who we want to be around," Lyons told Jerry Carino. "We want to be the best basketball conference in the country, and we're not going to do anything that's puts us at a disadvantage in that respect."

Kevin McNamara: Future of the game is in the NCAA’s court | Providence Journal

Here's a basketball-only skewed take from the Providence Journals' Kevin McNamara, who covers Providence, Rhode Island, and other sports teams in the area.

More powerful power conferences won’t change hoops (much) | John Gasaway

A little bit of a recruiting perspective that injects some hope for the basketball-only schools in the power conference discussion.

Ewing’s Trey Lowe commits to Temple | City of Basketball Love

One-time Seton Hall target Trey Lowe pledged to Temple last night over VCU, Saint Joseph's, and SMU.

Charleston under pressure to hire minority to replace Doug Wojcik -

Strange stuff here from Gary Parrish, who reports that the College of Charleston is looking to hire a minority as their next college basketball coach in part to off-set their first-year-neo-Confederate university president.