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Seton Hall announces Tip-Off Party as substitute for Midnight Madness

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Jim McIsaac

In a brief tweet today, Seton Hall has released information on an October 3rd Tip-Off Party that will serve as a substitute for last season's Midnight Madness event. The Tip-Off Party will be open to students only.

John Fanta followed up with a few more preliminary details on the event:

First, the good: The new mascot looks infinitely better (watch end of promo video in above tweet) than the previous one, which appeared to have been a Pirate that was locked in a South Orange brig for several months.

Now, the not-so-good: This early October tip-off party is taking the place of last season's Blue & White game (Oct. 5th) as well as the late-October Midnight Madness event that featured a dunk contest, competitive hot dog eater Kobayashi, a $10,000 half-court shot, and D.J. Clue. October 3rd marks the first day of official practices across the college basketball landscape.

Last year's team was predicted to finish near the bottom of the Big East and had little hope of reaching the NCAA tournament while Seton Hall's 2014-15 team arguably has post-season potential. My expectation was that the athletic department would invest heavily in this season's Midnight Madness event (a well-known rap/hip-hop act, etc.) due to the hype of Seton Hall's best recruiting class in over a decade and a brand new partnership with Under Armour.

That doesn't appear to be the case.

Perhaps the apparent pulling of FOX Sports 1's live Midnight Madness coverage from last season poked holes in the athletic department's plans. Still, that still leaves the question of why Seton Hall planned a pre-season hype-driving event a month-plus prior to Seton Hall's season opener on November 16th. Instead of Midnight Madness, this is more like early afternoon, late morning madness.

Am I being too critical of Seton Hall's planning or do you think that the athletic department missed the mark with this year's pre-season event? We would specifically like to hear feedback from Seton Hall students.