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SOJ Mailbag - Second Edition (Prologue)

After a long 13-month hiatus, the SouthOrangeJuice Mailbag has returned! (No actual mail will be used in the making of this series, because 2014.)

Kevin Willard is excited. Are you?
Kevin Willard is excited. Are you?
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

In similar if not identical fashion to this three-part Q&A series from last summer, SOJ is asking its readers to speak up on any question they have pertaining to Seton Hall Basketball.

The highly anticipated 2014-15 season is two months away with official practices starting on October 3rd. SOJ is working toward having a strong pre-season presence in the form of Seton Hall practices (when allowed), BIG EAST Media Day, and Seton Hall Media Day in addition to covering the team during the 2014-15 season in an unprecedented fashion. (More on this in the coming weeks...)

Without further ado...

The format:

  • Four questions per each part of the Mailbag
  • This edition will contain four parts -- possibly a fifth if we receive great feedback -- totaling 16 or 20 questions
  • We will select the topics deemed worthy of being discussed from the pool that we receive. Some may require long replies, some shorter. Priority will generally be given to those sent in first. For example, questions sent in prior to Part I may be used in later editions.
  • Multiple questions per person are acceptable, but we may have to split them up between parts or select the best one since we want to get as many readers heard as possible.
  • The actual posting schedule of each part of this edition is to be determined. It all depends on your feedback!
How to ask your question:

I'd prefer if Mail is submitted via email (chrismcmanus51 [at] gmail [dot] com) as questions via Twitter can be quite limited in depth. But if you would prefer Twitter, that's great too. Mention us at @SOrangeJuice or @CerasolisGhost. We won't require a #Mailbag hashtag, but if we don't favorite your tweet, ask it again. A favorite = we recognized your tweet. This second method can be used for an opposing fan to call us out on a topic or someone that would like to make their question more public in nature.

Lastly, you can use the comment section of this post if that is your easiest method of communicating with us. This way just requires that you be registered with the site, which hopefully is a requirement already met.

For a look at the questions that were published last summer, here is a link to the SOJ Mailbag group.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and answering your inquiries about anything Seton Hall hoops.