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Seton Hall still without a director of basketball operations

You cant fool us, coach.
You cant fool us, coach.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

After months of speculation, Seton Hall at long last appointed former Abraham Lincoln (N.Y.) head coach Dwayne "Tiny" Morton as an assistant coach today. In addition, former walk-on Kevin Lynch and Iona graduate transfer Kyle Smyth were named as coordinators of basketball operations.

There's still one missing piece to the coaching staff puzzle, however: Seton Hall has a vacancy at the director of basketball operations position. This spot was previously manned by Steve Sauers until Grant Billmeier took over last summer through this spring, when he joined Fairleigh Dickinson's staff as an assistant.

What's more, Seton Hall has posted their vacancy at DoBO on SimplyHired's job board.

I see no reason why Kevin Willard won't seek out a coach to fill the DoBO role. The NCAA has no restriction on the amount of non-coaching positions (DoBO, CoBO, video coordinators, etc.) on a staff. The only real universal restriction here is a program's budget for its head coach's staff. Non-coaching staff members have limited recruiting capabilities in that they are restricted from off-campus recruiting and scouting.

If Seton Hall has the funds, why not add a seventh body to Willard's coaching staff? If they don't, the director of basketball operations role is usually reserved for a relatively experienced coach, leaving current director of player development and former CoBO Ryan Whalen as the most likely in-house candidate.