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Seton Hall completes new locker room project

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Check out Seton Hall's new locker rooms and a look back at Kevin Willard's comments on the program's facilities during the preseason.

In a flashy, Under Armour-themed release, Seton Hall unveiled their completed locker room project to the public yesterday.

"The locker room project is in line with our vision to give our student-athletes the best possible experience and to have it come to fruition is fantastic," Vice President and Director of Athletics Patrick Lyons said. "Anyone who is an athlete knows how important a locker room is and what it signifies. Our student-athletes have been walking around on cloud nine because they have their own locker rooms for the first time.

"This project also signifies to anyone thinking about coming to Seton Hall how serious we are about being the best and winning conference championships. I've always said that when you come to Seton Hall you'll know from the second you walk into our facilities how serious we take athletics and the pride we have in our department."

According to the release, the project consists of:

  • 5,061 square feet of locker room space
  • 357 individual student-athlete lockers
  • A high-definition smart television in each locker room
  • A hard-wired, surround-sound audio system in each locker room with bluetooth technology
  • A Wi-Fi hub providing wireless Internet access in each locker room
  • Seton Hall and Under Armour branding in the common areas and each locker room

The release then says that Seton Hall will now focus to upgrading the training center/varsity weight room as well as the team video room.


There's no doubt that personal lockers for every athlete at Seton Hall will help recruiting across the board and shows commitment to the university's athletics. To compare, some Rutgers fans have been vocal about the university's financial commitment to basketball-specific infrastructure.

Kevin Willard made the following comment about Seton Hall's facilities at Big East Media Day.

"It's taken us a while to get the infrastructure at the university to be able to bring a recruiting class like this in," he told reporters in October. "We've come a long way in four years, from locker rooms to training rooms, staff, everything. We didn't have the infrastructure four years ago to recruit at this level. Pat Lyons, Dr. Esteban have done a great job of giving us the opportunity to be able to -- we're not above teams, but we're at par with everybody else, before we were so far below you'd bring a kid in and he'd go somewhere else and we couldn't even compete and we can compete now, that makes a big difference."

Willard then doubled down on his stance at Seton Hall Media Day.

"Four years ago when I got here, we just didn't have the infrastructure that we have now. I didn't have a president, I didn't have an AD. We didn't have a locker room, our offices hadn't been changed since Tommy [Amaker] was here, our locker room hadn't been changed since Tommy was here. We didn't have our own locker room down at Prudential Center, we do now."

"Just little things that kind of help you along, we've come a long way - the campus has come a long way in four years. My first year, a student got shot and killed just off campus. I remember Dr. Esteban and I were talking about this, our first year, it was nuts, some of the terrible things that happened. And now you look at where the University is as a whole, where our SAT scores have gone, where our enrollment has gone, where the facilities have gone. It's been a huge transformation, I would say over the last 3 years.

"Obviously I have great leadership at the athletic department, we have great leadership at the university, and I also think we have a great board who are very involved and very active in making this the best university possible ... I just kissed enough ass that should get me ‘till at least December. [Willard jokingly referencing a prior question about how important this season is for him job wise.]"

These upgrades are one instance of what Willard was referring to a few months ago.