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Weekly Bracketology: Seton Hall a solid 5-seed

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we're nearing February and Seton Hall is officially in the hunt for an NCAA tournament bid, keeping track of how the Pirates project into the field of 68 adds another dimension to every game for the rest of the season.

With that in mind, we'll provide a weekly update on where the major outlets have the Hall in their brackets and as the season progresses, any important games to keep an eye on.

Jerry Palm, (6-seed)

Seton Hall has dropped a seed since last week, but are still well in Jerry Palm's field. This particular projection has the Pirates taking on Tulsa and potentially the winner of Iowa State/UC Davis in the Omaha bracket.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN (5-seed)

The ever-popular Joe Lunardi has Seton Hall on the 5-line in his bracket. A first round matchup against Kansas State and then VCU/William & Mary in Jacksonville sounds like plenty of fun.

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports (5-seed)

No bracket here, but Evans has Seton Hall as a low 5-seed and just behind Butler, which is interesting considering the polls.

SB Nation Bracketology (5-seed)

Another 5-seed for Seton Hall. Eastern Washington in the first round  (Jacksonville regional)  then a potential matchup with Rick Pitino and Louisville would be all sorts of exciting.

Bracket Project (6.22)

This is an index of many bracket projections on the Internet. Seton Hall's average seed is 6.22.

Have any other bracketology sites to suggest/promote? Link to them in the comments.