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Weekly Bracketology: Seton Hall falls from a 5- to 10-seed

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The Pirates fell several seeds across the board after losses to Butler and DePaul.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of a three-game losing streak, Seton Hall falls out of the top-25 for the first time this week and have dropped as low as a 10-seed, which is close to a play-in game at Dayton. I've added Seton Hall's resume to this weekly update and will likely add further info as the season progresses.

Seton Hall's Resume

Record: 13-6 (3-4)

KenPom: 49

RPI: 42

SOS (Non-conf. SOS): 51 (117)

Notable wins: vs Villanova (6), vs. St. John's (51), vs. George Washington (53)

Bad Losses (according to RPI): DePaul (135)

Jerry Palm, (9-seed)

Seton Hall drops three spots in Jerry Palm's bracket since the last Weekly Bracketology and would have to battle old Big East foe Cincinnati before likely playing Virginia in the second round.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN (10-seed)

The Hall fall four spots from a 6 to a 10 in ESPN's bracketology. They would be playing all the way in Portland against a defensive San Diego State and then probably a rematch against Arizona, who they beat in the first round of the 2004 NCAA tournament.

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports (8-seed)

Evans slots in Seton Hall as a low 8-seed, which is the most favorable of the bunch.

"Unraveling. Dropped four of last five games. Must stop bleeding."

SB Nation Bracketology (7-seed)

Updated a day after Yahoo!, it looks like our very own SB Nation bracket has Seton Hall with their highest seed. Ohio State, Iowa, Indiana and even Arkansas all look to have better resumes but are 8-seeds.

Bracket Project

This is an index of many bracket projections on the Internet. Seton Hall's average seed is 8.4. About one-third of the brackets have not been updated yet.