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Georgetown Notebook: Seton Hall takes another lump with loss to Hoyas

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Wendell Cruz

It looked like things were continuing to spiral downward after a 27-7 Georgetown start to the game and then it appeared that Seton Hall had righted the ship when they tied the game at 44 a minute in the second half, but the underlying issues that have plagued the Hall for the last month were present the whole time.

The same script we've seen unfold time and time again since beating Villanova and St. John's to open the Big East was used again at the Rock on Tuesday night. Georgetown scored 27 points off of 15 Seton Hall turnovers, most of which came early in both halves, did the Pirates in. While they were able to overcome sloppy offense to start the game - the Hall turned it over on their first three possessions - they were not able to do it twice.

A sequence of three turnovers in five possessions after tying the game at 44 was like blood in the water for Georgetown and it was just enough to activate the negative thoughts in the back of the Hall players' heads. Unlike the Marquette game before it, the second half collapse tonight spoiled an overall decent first half and a brilliant 20 minutes from Angel Delgado, who notched his eighth double-double on the year with 12 points and 15 rebounds.

Seton Hall opted to close their locker room for the first time this season, but Kevin Willard touched upon social media bans, Brandon Mobley's comments post-Marquette and more in his press conference.

The quotes:

Opening statement: "I was really pleased with the fact we were able to come back and showed good effort to get back in the game, again we let a couple turnovers, little things, morph into a big problem. We didn't get back two times, we gave up easy buckets and it's really deflating us when we're giving up easy baskets."

"I have a group of guys who all trying to do really good things and make plays, they're trying, it's just that they're getting a little dejected right now. For the first time, they're struggling and going through it and they're not reacting the right way yet and that's something unfortunately they've got to learn. Things don't go your ways, you can't let things get out of hand, we've let that happen twice now."

On how to turn things around: "We've talked a lot about it, we've showed them film [from] just three weeks ago where we were from a defensive standpoint. We've just got to keep trying to remind them, show them and talk to them. Sometimes you've got to go through some of the hard times to get to the good times."

"It's definitely difficult, I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's tough right now, we've got to reach down and find something within ourselves. You've got to find some toughness and get some toughness, this group, they've done it before, they have to remember how to do it and we got to find a way to do it."

When asked if he believes his team has that toughness: "I do, again I have great confidence in these guys, I know it sounds crazy right now, I think this team is capable of great things."

On if the young guys are gassed: "Obviously Angel [Delgado] and Khadeen [Carrington] have played most of the minutes for the young guys. I thought Angel played really well tonight, did a lot of good things. Khadeen's struggles are not anything besides the fact that he's got to get used to different defenses and how they're attacking him and how they're playing him."

When asked if the road trip can possibly help the team's psyche: "[Long pause] No... We've played pretty decently on the road for the most part. I've got to find some guys that are going to battle and figure it out. Doing it on the road is not easy, but that's where were going to have to do it."

On the continued woes in the paint battle: "That was our issue [against Marquette]. What we're trying to do is get big guys in foul trouble and that actually helped us. When they went small, that really hurt us actually. When they put Paul White at the five, that's when we got in trouble. We've been trying to get the big guys in trouble, we tried it with [Matt] Stainbrook, I thought we did a good job with [Josh] Smith. That's when the driving lanes came open."

On potential social media bans:  "I think that's part of living through life, is knowing what to say to you guys, knowing what to put on social media. It's not easy, it's hard to ban these guys from what their life is. Brandon [Mobley] tried to say something the other day, believe it or not, he tired to say something that was positive and he kind of ran his mouth the wrong way, which sometimes players do. He didn't mean it the way it came out, but he's got to learn, it's a good learning tool for him."

On finding leaders within his team: "I know who has to turn us around, I'll have conversations with them, but that's between me and the team."

On the team's chemistry issues: "I'm not going to talk about that, I'm going to talk about the game. I'm not going to talk about chemistry issues."

On Georgetown's showing: "It's tough to stop good basketball teams, and that's a good basketball teams [...] They've been through battles, they've struggled, I've got to really give them credit for preserving."

When asked about what happened to his Twitter account (all his tweets were deleted post-Marquette), Kevin Willard said he thought his account was still active but that he had downloaded Mark Cuban's Xpire application, which he explained deletes all of your tweets and retweets. Willard did not explain why he had done so.