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Will Kevin Willard suspend Sterling Gibbs?

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Gibbs intentionally struck Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono in the face with his forearm during a scrum for a loose ball late in last night's game.

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The unanimous verdict is in on last night's horrorshow move from Sterling Gibbs.


The multitude of glaring camera angles captured his vicious forearm to the face of Ryan Arcidiacono that is inexcusable and surely a release of a month-long build up of frustration that unfortunately unleashed itself for the world to see on Monday night at the Pavilion.

Now the latest installment of a season that has gone from bad to worse to appalling turns to how Sterling will serve his punishment. I was vocal about the Big East's failure to reprimand Chris Obekpa for an intentional elbow to the side of the head of Butler' Tyler Wideman and Steve Lavin's subsequent slap on the wrist in the form of removing him from the starting lineup for one game. While I'll maintain that the Big East set a poor precedent and that Obekpa's intent isn't much different than Gibbs' cheap shot, the outcome has been worlds apart with every media outlet from Deadspin to ESPN to CNN weighing in on what transpired last night.

With that said, how will Kevin Willard and the Big East act on this one? Gibbs promptly expressed his regret last night via Twitter, which obviously doesn't take away from his actions, but contrasts starkly with Obekpa's remorseless quote about how his elbow was a result of dirty play earlier in the game which could not be found on tape by at least one St. John's fan. Maybe that will factor into the conference's decision, maybe not, I'm not sure.

"I am extremely disappointed in Sterling's actions tonight," said Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard in a vanilla statement last night. "Our student-athletes are entrusted to uphold the morals and values of good sportsmanship and personal conduct that we preach to them on a daily basis. Tonight's incident involved a young man of high character showing poor judgment in the heat of competition. It was regrettable, and we will address the issue."

Does Willard have the courage within himself to suspend his star guard for at least one game while the season further spirals out of control before his denying eyes, or will he sit on his hands and wait for the Big East to take action first? How long do you think Gibbs should be sidelined for?