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Weekly Bracketology: Seton Hall a 4-seed in NIT

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Guess who Seton Hall is matched up with in a hypothetical NIT projection.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that time Seton Hall was approaching a 4-seed in projected NCAA tournament brackets?

It was just over a month ago, but at the present seems like a distant memory with the Hall currently around a 4-seed in the latest NIT bracketology. Adding a peculiar twist when considering the latest onslaught of heat aimed at head coach Kevin Willard, the Pirates are currently matched up with Bobby Hurley's Buffalo Bulls in the first round of the second-tier post-season competition.

Of course they are.


The first round matchup would likely be held in Walsh Gym like the first two rounds against Stony Brook and UMass were in 2011-12. No one wants to see a mostly empty Prudential Center as witnessed in Bobby Gonzalez' final game against Texas Tech back in 2010.

Hurley's team would be no slouch in this hypothetical matchup after the Bulls battled hard against both Wisconsin and Kentucky on the road during their non-conference schedule. Buffalo (16-9, 7-6) led Kentucky by five at the half and was tied with the Badgers early in the second half before succumbing to superior talent.

Putting the long-shot NCAA odds aside for a second, Seton Hall needs to win at least two of their remaining four regular season games and one in the Big East Tournament to solidify their chances of making the NIT. Anything less would pose a potent threat of missing post-season basketball altogether.