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Seton Hall has chance of receiving official visit from Traci Carter

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Carter was at the Rock for Seton Hall's upset of Villanova in early January.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One of the better available guards left in the 2015 class, Traci Carter (Life Center Academy, N.J.) has set up official visits to Xavier and Marquette while Seton Hall is among a long list of schools that may receive one of his other officials (high school seniors are allowed five).

Carter will visit Xavier on Saturday for their game against Villanova and will trip to Marquette on March 7th for their senior day against DePaul. Connecticut, Memphis, California, Seton Hall, Boston College, North Carolina State, Creighton, Temple, Penn State, UMass, LaSalle and George Mason are all in the running for his other three allotted visits.

A local recruit, Carter had visited Seton Hall for their win over Villanova in early January and the coaching staff offered his backcourt teammate Malik Ellison, also a senior, on January 29th. If Carter were to attend one more Hall game this season, it would have to be senior night against Providence next Wednesday.

The final signing period for seniors starts on April 15th and runs through May 20th. Seton Hall has three open scholarships for the 2015 graduating class with shooting guard Dalton Soffer (Poway, Calif.) already signed for next season.