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Weekly Bracketology: Seton Hall now squarely on the bubble

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There is certainly reason to panic, but most outlets still have the Hall in their field of 68.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Following a pair of bad losses to DePaul and Marquette over the past seven days, one might naturally expect the worst in this week's round of bracketology updates.

For the time being, that isn't the case. Seton Hall is still in the field in most brackets and has several chances to notch notable wins over their remaining seven regular season games, though they won't come close to doing so at their current level of play. Despite the doom and gloom reverberating from South Orange, not all is lost regarding a post-season future.

Splitting their two games this week (Georgetown, at Providence) would keep Seton Hall afloat while two losses would have to push them out of the field.

The Big East has five schools safely projected to Dance - Villanova, Butler, Georgetown, Providence, and Xavier - while St. John's is slightly closer to the bubble than the Pirates.

Seton Hall's Resume

Record: 15-8 (5-6)
KenPom: 53
RPI: 54
SOS (non-conf. SOS): 67 (144)
Record vs. Top 50: 3-5
Record vs. Top 75: 4-5
Notable wins: Villanova (5), Xavier (34), George Washington (49), St. John's (51)
Bad losses: Marquette (114), DePaul (120), @ DePaul (120)

Jerry Palm, (9-seed)

Palm had Seton Hall a bit too high as a 7-seed last Monday, which partially explains a 9-seed this week. Despite that, the Hall is labeled as a bubble team in his bracket and is in the 8-9 pairing that would take on Virginia in the second round.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN (11-seed)

Perhaps a more accurate representation of Seton Hall's projected seed, ESPN has the Pirates as an 11-seed and the last team that avoids a play-in game in Dayton after dropping from a 9. There's a lot of flavor in this hypothetical bracket with the Hall taking on West Virginia and potentially Louisville in the second round.

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports (9-seed)

Following two bad losses, Evans somehow only drops Seton Hall a few spots on his Big Board. Perhaps he missed the loss to DePaul or are we just dealing with a weak bubble?

All over the map. Home loss to Marquette ended nice run.

Bracket Matrix (9.82-seed)

Seton Hall is pegged as an 11-seed in the Bracket Matrix but has an average seed close to a 10 with about one-third of the brackets updated. In my opinion, somewhere between a 10- and an 11-seed sounds accurate.