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Compete in the 2015 Bracket Pool!

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Think you're better than me and your fellow Juicers? Prove it.

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Yet another season in which Seton Hall won't be in the NCAA tournament.

The last time they were, I was in high school and their first round matchup with Wichita State was already decided before I was able to race home. Back in 2006, it was rare for people to be able to check scores on their ancient cell phones and only one or two people in each class could do so. That was nearly a decade ago now.


Beyond rooting for your personal picks, there are also six Big East teams in this year's Dance, half of which are six seeds. There's also about 20 Jersey kids that will be participating in the NCAA tournament despite no schools from the state competing once again. Little things.

Anyway, here's how you compete against me and a bunch of other Pirate fans:

Invite link here. That is the link Yahoo! provided to join SOJ's private pool. Try to use the same name you use on SOJ.

The password: memoriesof2006

The scoring format: Fibonacci with seed differences. (2-3-5-8-13-21 points per round, 1x seed difference for each round)

A quick example: If you pick a 10-seed to beat a 7-seed in the first round, you get 2 points + (1x3) = 5. Whereas if you picked a 7-seed to win that matchup, you just get 2 points.

I'm confident in using the Fibonacci scoring this year, but I'm open to suggestions about bonus scoring. If you disagree with the current format, raise hell in the comments section and perhaps I can change up the settings.

You can always check in on the Yahoo site, but I'll provide some scoring updates here and will include some wacky picks that you guys get right after each round.

And because you asked for it, 2014's One Shining Moment: