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A Temporary Goodbye: SOJuice will see a change in ownership shortly

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There are some major changes about to occur on SouthOrangeJuice, everything you need to know about them can be read here.

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We all knew this time would come sooner or later.

Effective within the next few days or so, I will be handing over the keys to SOJuice. Before you panic, all of the same content that was provided over the last season and change will be presented on a new platform:

More details on that in a second, first some closing remarks.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Bob, who runs the current @SOrangeJuice Twitter account, which will be changing handles shortly, but will still bring a fan-perspective to the social media world. He found a random Seton Hall blogger with a couple dozen followers back in 2011 and gave them a voice on this site in its early years. I'm not sure we'd be talking like this if it weren't for him.

Other fellow SOJuice writers like JP Guerette (you may have heard him on WSOU a few years ago), Rob Manganaro (AKA the guy who plays the Anthem on his guitar before games) and the many bloggers I connected with over the years also deserve to be recognized for contributing to building this site to what it became over the last season. Thank you guys!

What you need to know going forward

I fully plan on bringing the same, if not better content to you guys over at for the off-season and the 2015-16 season. All of your activity and interest on the site over the past year-plus provided credibility for me to get a foot in the door for media credentials this past season. I covered every Big East home game except Whitehead's return against Xavier this last campaign plus a snowy trip to Carnesecca and intend to do the same, if not more, next season; I was going to travel to Providence and Georgetown if Seton Hall was in the NCAA discussion and had plans to fly out to a regional if the Hall had their named called on Selection Sunday. (sigh)

There are exclusive interviews set up with incoming Seton Hall recruits and some other unique coverage (TV ratings, non-conference schedule post-mortem analysis and more) planned in the future at I hope that you bookmark the site and join me by interacting on it and help spread the word going forward. The new Facebook page can be found here.

(Note: Expect a few hiccups in the early days of the site as I work out bugs and work to accommodate site traffic as it increases. Any constructive feedback is encouraged!)

As for the future of this site, I am confident that the SB Nation brass will be able to fill the void left with capable writers from Big East Coast Bias, writers from The Setonian, or an external source. The site will retain its SOJuice brand, but it won't be the same voice you're used to hearing, for better or worse.

Thank you again for making the ups and downs of Seton Hall Basketball on this site over the last four years memorable.