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Seton Hall's Big East Tournament Photo shoot

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Brandon Mobley, Isaiah Whitehead, Sterling Gibbs and Angel Delgado teamed up with the Fox Sports team to record content for the Big East Tournament.

Angel Delgado and Brandon Mobley pose for the camera.
Angel Delgado and Brandon Mobley pose for the camera.
Fox Sports

In the build up to Wednesday night's first round Big East Tournament match-up with Marquette, Seton Hall and the Fox Sports crew conducted a photo/video shoot today for footage to be used before during and after the game on Fox Sports 1.

if you missed it on Twitter, we've got you covered.

Seton Hall's forwards that lead the line.

This will likely be used in an introduction/starting lineup scenario.

Sterling Gibbs was taped taking three-pointers with a slow-mo camera.

Brandon Mobley and Angel Delgado were taped throwing down some dunks.

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the same Delgado dunk.

Last and certainly not least, it's D.J. Delgado and his crew having some fun to Run DMC. Looks like B-Mob is not afraid to do his thing with the cameras rolling and Angel can give Luther Wright a run for his money on the tables.

They should have let Sterling improv a little bit, I heard he gave his best shot at freestyling during Midnight Madness.