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Sunday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News and Links June 9th, 2013

Myke Henry will transfer to DePaul.
Myke Henry will transfer to DePaul.
Joe Robbins

Good morning, Juicers. Unfortunately, Glass of Juice's sophomore debut won't be as exciting as its premier. In simpler terms, yesterday was a slow sports news day, especially for college hoops. Like, really slow.

The news:

Zach Granite Drafted by Minnesota & Giuseppe Papaccio Drafted by Chicago Cubs - SHU Athletics

Another day, another two Seton Hall baseball players get drafted by MLB organizations. Unlike his counterparts, Zach Granite is just a junior at Seton Hall.

Iona will hire former State College of Florida head coach Brock Erickson as an assistant

Erickson was at SCF for just one season before resigning. He was previously an assistant for five seasons at the same Monroe College that produced Stephane Manga. The Iona - Seton Hall connection continues.

Former Illini Myke Henry headed to DePaul - NBC Sports

Henry, who desires to play as a wing, averaged 3.2 PPG and 2.1 RPG for Illinois in 10.6 MPG last season. Myke will presumably sit out the 2013-14 season due to NCAA transfer rules. He and I share the same birthday (December 23rd) because we're awesome.

CourtVision: How the Heat and Spurs Score - Grantland

Even if you don't like the NBA, which I don't, you have to admit this is a pretty cool article (with a bunch of awesome graphics) by Grantland.

Forget thrilling: Boring consistency may win Spurs a fifth NBA title

Anyone else rooting for the Spurs, perhaps one of the best definitions of a team in all of sports? I am.

Marlins 2, Mets 1 — Twenty innings and all the Mets got was this lousy loss - SB Nation

This game was everything that the Mets have been for the past several seasons all in one brutal 20-inning disasterpiece.