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Weekly Bracketology

Weekly bracketology updates for Seton Hall.

The Hall a 4-seed in NIT; matched up with Hurley

Remember that time Seton Hall was approaching a 4-seed in projected NCAA tournament brackets? They are now a 4-seed in the NIT.

Weekly Bracketology: Hall now squarely on bubble

Following a pair of bad losses against DePaul and Marquette over the past seven days, one might naturally expect the worst in this week's round of bracketology updates. For the time being, that isn't the case.

Bracketology: Hall improves after pair of wins

Seton Hall unanimously improved in brackets across the board after wins against Marquette and Xavier this past week.

Weekly Bracketology: Hall falls to a 10-seed

The Pirates fell several seeds across the board after losses to Butler and DePaul.

Weekly Bracketology: Seton Hall a solid 5-seed

A look at where several national outlets have Seton Hall in their bracket this week.